From Idea to Reality: Building a Doctor Assistant App Using UiPath's Low-Code App Builder & GenAI

Recently marked a pivotal moment in the realm of healthcare and automation as I had the privilege of presenting a groundbreaking solution at the UiPath Chennai Chapter community event "UiPath Apps Reloaded - Exploring VB Mode and Real-Time Robot Connectivity". Gathered before an eager audience, I unveiled a "Doctor Assistant" app that not only showcased the immense potential of automation but also highlighted the remarkable capabilities of UiPath's low-code builder, Apps with GenAi.

In today's fast-paced world, where healthcare professionals face unprecedented challenges, harnessing the power of technology becomes paramount. This presentation was a testament to the fusion of cutting-edge AI and the user-friendly interface offered by UiPath's innovative platform. Together, they birthed a tool that promises to revolutionize the way medical professionals provide care, streamline their workflows, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Join me as we delve into the intricacies of building and presenting the doctor assistant app, exploring the intersection of healthcare, automation, and the UiPath GenAi low-code builder. Let's uncover how this amalgamation of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence is poised to reshape the healthcare landscape.

Getting to know UiPath Apps

UiPath Apps represents a potent low-code application builder  platform designed to enhance the capabilities of RPA bots. Serving as a versatile 'low-code platform.' It empowers both developers and business users alike, enabling them to collaboratively create and distribute custom applications that streamline and automate essential business processes.

UiPath Apps Architecture by nmnithinkrishna

UiPath Apps Architecture

UiPath Apps features a low-code app builder known as App Studio. This tool empowers users to swiftly and effortlessly create visually stunning, professional-grade applications with simple drag-and-drop functionality and low-code development. App Studio operates with a dual-layered approach, mirroring the structure of conventional web applications. The front-end is a low-code web app, while the backend seamlessly integrates with our existing robot infrastructure, which we have been using to develop automation solutions.

"Build a Web App with UiPath Studio"

Legacy Apps
Reloaded Apps
- New Expression Language
- VB Expression Language
- Be an "UiPath Apps Developer"
- Be just an "UiPath Studio Developer"
- Backend Latency
- Backend as a Service

The modernization of apps doesn't require us to delve into rocket science; instead, it encourages us to leverage the existing knowledge we possess in VB within the same studio. Furthermore, it doesn't merely end at the frontend but extends to the transformation of critical backend issues, like latency, through the utilization of Backend as a Service, enabling real-time communication. This is precisely why you don't need to transition into the role of an Apps developer with a separate set of technologies. You can remain true to your core skills as a UiPath RPA developer while still creating web apps using the UiPath low-code Apps Studio.

Where to use?

Tightly Coupled Organization Infra

Access information at your fingertips with UiPath Apps

(To the Left: Tightly coupled organization infra) The prevalent issue faced by many organizations revolves around a cumbersome infrastructure housing numerous applications and technology components, resulting in a tangled web through which users struggle to access and extract data, performing various operational tasks throughout the day. This operational dependency on multiple applications and resources creates a tightly coupled setup, often necessitating redundant and mundane human actions, not only consuming a significant amount of time but also impeding overall business efficiency.

(To the Right: UiPath Apps with One click access) Imagine adding a luxurious screen or carpet cover to conceal the chaos of your current setup and unveil a brighter, more organized perspective. UiPath Apps offer a transformative solution. In stark contrast to the operational challenges posed by complex infrastructures and time-consuming tasks, UiPath Apps present an insightful, structured, and systematic approach to data access. It eliminates the need for manual data retrieval, reduces repetition, and erases guesswork from your daily tasks. With UiPath Apps, you can complete tasks with just one screen and a few clicks, all supported by lightning-fast backend robots enabling real-time communication. This streamlined efficiency not only boosts productivity but also ensures you make informed, data-driven decisions. It's like a breath of fresh air in a cluttered room, providing the clarity and simplicity needed to propel your business forward.

Healthcare's Key Challenges

The healthcare domain is a multifaceted and critical sector, encompassing medical services, research, pharmaceuticals, and patient care. It plays a vital role in the overall well-being of individuals and communities, striving to provide quality healthcare, advance medical research, and improve patient outcomes. In this complex environment, it's paramount to keep domain operations streamlined to ensure efficient patient care, minimize errors, reduce costs, and facilitate innovation, all while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. The seamless functioning of healthcare operations not only enhances the patient experience but also enables healthcare providers to focus on what truly matters - the health and well-being of their patients.

Patient's report files

Patient Medical History Report

Now, let's delve into two specific pain points within the healthcare industry.

1. High Volume Patient Medical Reports with Extensive Pages:

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, patient medical records have transitioned from traditional paper files to digital documentation. While this shift has undoubtedly improved accessibility, it has also given rise to a new challenge - high-volume patient medical reports with extensive pages. As healthcare professionals strive to provide comprehensive and well-documented care, patient records have expanded to include an overwhelming amount of information. This extensive documentation poses several issues. Firstly, it can become an arduous task for medical staff to sift through these reports, searching for specific information or trends. The sheer volume of data can lead to inefficiencies, time-consuming searches, and the risk of critical information being overlooked. With the constant influx of new patient data, healthcare institutions face the issue of managing, archiving, and ensuring the integrity of these vast digital archives.

2. Less Cross-Collaboration Results in Patients Experiencing Difficulties:

In an ideal healthcare ecosystem, collaboration between different medical professionals is vital for patient care. However, one of the significant pain points in healthcare is the lack of efficient cross-collaboration among healthcare providers. Patients often see various specialists, physicians, and support staff throughout their healthcare journey. When these professionals do not have seamless access to the patient's comprehensive medical history and records, it can lead to fragmented care and difficulties for patients. Medical errors, redundant tests, and delays in treatment are common consequences of insufficient cross-collaboration. Patients, in turn, bear the brunt of these issues, experiencing confusion, longer hospital stays, and potentially compromised care. Streamlining cross-collaboration among healthcare professionals is crucial to ensuring that patients receive coordinated, efficient, and effective care.

Transforming Healthcare: The Power of UiPath Apps, Other Entities, and GenAI

Having explored the key pain points in the healthcare domain, it's evident that innovative solutions are necessary to address these challenges effectively by leveraging the power of the UiPath suite to mitigate the issues associated with high-volume patient medical reports and the lack of cross-collaboration among healthcare professionals. The proposed POC showcases how UiPath's cutting-edge technology and streamlined processes can offer a glimpse into how these healthcare challenges can be addressed, leading to improved efficiency, patient care, and collaboration.

Let's embark on a journey into this innovative solution, envisioning the transformation it can bring to the healthcare landscape through the UiPath suite.

High level initial solution, uipath nmnithinkrishna

High level initial Solution

1. UiPath Apps as a One-Stop Frontend Screen:

UiPath Apps will serve as the pivotal frontend component of our POC solution. It will offer a unified, user-friendly interface that integrates various healthcare applications and software. This one-stop frontend screen will provide healthcare professionals with easy access to patient medical records, diagnostic tools, scheduling systems, and other essential software. By centralizing these applications, it will significantly reduce the time spent navigating through disparate systems and streamline the data retrieval process. With UiPath Apps, healthcare professionals can access and interact with these critical tools through a single, intuitive interface, simplifying their daily workflows.

2. UiPath Robots and Other Platform Entities as the Backend Service:

On the backend, the UiPath suite's powerful robots, coupled with other platform entities, will act as the workhorses of our solution. UiPath robots will automate various tasks, such as data entry, report generation, and information retrieval. These robots will work in tandem with other platform components, ensuring seamless data synchronization, security, and scalability. Real-time communication between the UiPath robots and the frontend UiPath Apps will guarantee that healthcare professionals have access to the most up-to-date and accurate patient information instantly. The combination of UiPath robots and platform entities will create a robust, highly efficient backend service that powers the streamlined healthcare processes we aim to achieve.

3. The GenAI Touch:

GenAI adds a transformative layer to our solution. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics, GenAI amplifies the capabilities of our platform. It empowers healthcare professionals with predictive insights, enabling them to anticipate patient needs, detect trends, and make data-driven decisions. GenAI ensures that the healthcare system becomes not just reactive but proactive, offering personalized care and treatment options.

The combination of UiPath Apps, UiPath Robots, platform entities, and GenAI creates a healthcare ecosystem that streamlines processes, improves patient care, enhances collaboration, and increases overall efficiency. This synergy of technologies demonstrates the potential for innovation within the healthcare domain and exemplifies how emerging solutions can address complex challenges while putting the patient at the center of care delivery. As we move forward, this amalgamation of UiPath and GenAI, supported by other platform entities, will continue to revolutionize healthcare and set new standards for the industry.

Access the Full Presentation and Demo:

For those eager to dive deeper into the capabilities of our transformative healthcare solution, we're here to offer a comprehensive recording of the presentation and live demo. This recording is available through our community link, allowing you to explore every facet of our UiPath Apps integration, the orchestration of UiPath Robots, and the innovative insights provided by GenAI. Whether you're a healthcare professional, an enthusiast, or a decision-maker seeking to enhance healthcare processes, this detailed resource offers an in-depth look at how our solution functions in real-world scenarios. Don't miss the chance to witness firsthand how our platform can revolutionize the healthcare landscape for the better. Access the full recording and experience the future of healthcare today.

Embracing Open Source: Join the Healthcare Revolution

I am thrilled to announce a significant step in our journey towards transforming healthcare. In my commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration, I am making our healthcare solution open source. This means that our platform, which combines the power of UiPath Apps, UiPath Robots, other essential entities, and GenAI, is now accessible to a broader community of healthcare professionals, developers, and enthusiasts.

By going open source, I invite you to join me in shaping the future of healthcare. Together, we can further enhance and refine our solution, making it even more effective and tailored to the unique needs of diverse healthcare ecosystems. This open-source initiative embodies my belief in the collective power of technology and innovation to improve the lives of patients and healthcare providers.

Access the source code, contribute your expertise, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for innovative healthcare solutions. Let's work together to streamline healthcare processes, improve patient care, and make healthcare more accessible and efficient for everyone.

Join me in the healthcare revolution, and let's create a brighter, healthier future:

🎁 Bonus: The doctor assistant app initiative gains a turbo boost with "UiPath's Autopilot", accelerating tasks across products like Apps, Assistant, and Studio. Seamlessly integrating with GenAI, this technology propels the development process, fostering greater efficiency and innovation in healthcare. Get access to Autopilot now by joining the insider preview - UiPath Insider

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